Veneer of Boards

We prepare veneers and veneer boards, both in natural veneer and high-pressure laminate (HPL). We specialise in large-scale and technically difficult technical work. In which the taste and quality in the preparation of the natural veneer, as well as the cleanliness in the finish of the laminate veneers, are optimal.

Chapado de tableros en laminados y en chapas nobles. Nos adaptamos a las necesidades del cliente.

Table Tops

We have our own warehouse of thin sheet metal, with more than 15 species in stock for a quicker response time. This facilitates a constant supply for our customers, as well as competitive prices. We select the veneers according to the taste and needs of the customer. We are experts in the combination of veneers for the most complex projects for the installation of meeting rooms and offices.

Selección de la chapa natural. Buscamos siempre las mejores calidades, y priorizamos la sostenibilidad. Nuestras chapas están certificadas.

Preparation of the veneer

Sewing and manufacturing of the chosen veneer. We try to ensure that both the grain pattern and the tone of the chosen species are as consistent as possible with the ambitious designs of our customers. We focus on the uniformity of the wood we buy, reducing to a minimum the natural defects of the veneer, such as knots, sapwood...

Calibration and Pressing

We calibrate the board, so that there are no future problems due to material warping, and then we press the boards. We are able to press boards up to 2 m wide, thanks to our powerful hydraulic presses.

Calibrado y prensado de tableros.
Canteado de tableros.

Edging and bevelled edges

We edge and mould the edges of the pieces. Always according to the customer's technical specifications.

Marquetry work

We carry out complex marquetry work.


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