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Solutions in Bent Plywood

Solutions for Moulded Plywood

We are a team dedicated to the manufacture of bent plywood panels. In addition, we bend other materials, such as compacts, acrylics, fibers or high pressure laminates (HPL).

We apply our knowledge in complex projects such as auditoriums, contract sector, modern furniture, collectivities...

Specialized in design and technical complexity seating.

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Puentes de curvado
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Hydraulic Presses
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Plywood Bending Mold Construction

We bend the wood by using molds. Once the composition of the wood sheets of each piece is selected, to reach the desired thickness, these are glued and subjected to high pressure and temperatures. As well as during a determined time. Until they acquire the precise shape. Resulting in curves and various shapes in plywood. We also have a number of polyurethane membrane presses, for the application of laminates, curved and veneered wood.

Technical Office

We design the ideal mold for your product. Seeking to optimize processes, reduce incidents and delivery times. As well as obtaining a structurally strong and aesthetically attractive product.


We have hydraulic presses, vacuum presses, polyurethane presses, 4 and 5-axis CNCs, edgebanders... a wide range of possibilities that we make available to our customers.


The molds do not leave our facilities, they belong to our customers, and are repaired when necessary. The advantage of having all the furniture manufacturing processes in the same group, grouped in more than 11,000 m2, guarantees safety, secrecy and speed.

Wood bending processes

Results that are born from efforts in technique, experience and taste for a job well done.

Moldes para tableros curvadoss

Selection of interior material

Seleccionamos el interior de la pieza para tus curvados en madera, en caso de que sea contrachapado, de abedul, haya, o varias según especificaciones del cliente. Así como otros materiales. Disponemos de un fuerte stock de chapas interiores, así como de chapas nobles, para garantizar suministro y precios estables.


We glue the inner sheets with a gluing machine and have them ready to enter the mold. Depending on the thickness and characteristics of the design, we study the best composition to reach the specifications indicated.

Pressure, temperature and time

The sheets are introduced into the mold, applying both high pressure and temperature. During a determined time. At the end of the process, we only have to mechanize the product, if desired. Obtaining bentwood pieces of high quality and beauty.




Bending of acrylic materials, such as Corian. For applications as diverse as architectural applications, decorative elements, curved cladding, or bathroom and kitchen furniture. The most common technique for bending Corian is thermoforming. It involves heating the material to a specific temperature to make it malleable, then moulding or placing it over a curved shape and allowing it to cool to retain the new shape. This method is used to create curved surfaces such as countertops, integrated sinks or architectural elements.

Plywood is a furniture construction material, consisting of thin layers of wood, called veneers or laminates, which are placed one on top of the other and bonded together through a process of pressing and gluing. This gives it great strength and dimensional stability.



Also known as porex in some places, expanded polystyrene is a foamed plastic material. It is a lightweight, thermally and acoustically insulating material, which is used in a variety of applications, such as furniture solutions. Although less common, the bending of polystyrene offers a creative solution, where the major contribution is lightness.


decorativos curvados (HPL)

Curvado de materiales laminados. HPL o CPLm, en sus siglas en inglés (High Pressure Laminates). Decorativos con diferentes acabados. Al aplicar HPL a sustratos más flexibles, como contrachapado curvado , o materiales compuestos, es posible lograr ciertos grados de curvatura. Es importante destacar que las capacidades de curvatura del HPL son limitadas en comparación con materiales más termoformables. En aplicaciones donde se requieren curvas pronunciadas, se pueden considerar otros materiales más adecuados para el termoformado.



We bend compact materials with high mechanical resistance. Widely used in public spaces with a large number of people.

Postforming is especially useful for creating surfaces with curves and smooth edges, which makes cleaning easier and avoids sharp corners. This method is commonly used in the manufacture of kitchen worktops, tables and other furniture where an aesthetic and functional finish is sought. Membrane presses are available.

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