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Moulded Plywood and Components

Somos especialistas en el mundo del boards, a team of professionals focused on supporting, B2B,to all types of companies in the furniture sector and related industries, in the manufacture of pieces made of wooden plywood boardsWe also manufacture flat panel components, according to customer's technical specifications, and in a wide range of materials. In addition, all manufacturing processes are carried out in our facilities.

Prensas de curvado hidraúlicas para la industria de la madera y el mueble. Industria de la 🪵 . Necesarias para la fabricación de tablero contrachapado curvado.

Innovation & Technique

We delve into the latest techniques and materials in the field of flat and moulded boards.

Delivery Speed

We adapt to the most demanding companies in the contract channel, modern furniture, seating, auditoriums and related. We arrive on time, we are the industrial muscle of your projects.

Versatility and Adaptability

Our services and solutions are applied in a wide range of industries. We focus on high quality and technique, applied to all industries.

B2B Services

Manufacture of bent board, in a variety of materials: bent board in plywood (FSC® included), board compact, acrylic (corian). Always according to customer's technical specifications. We are experts in curved plywood board.

We are specialized in all phases of the manufacturing process on flat and curved boards (pressing, veneering, edgebanding, varnishing, LED lighting...). In all types of materials, from wood (certified thin veneer FSC®) ) fiberboards or plywood, through acrylic and compact

Veneer of boards

We veneer panels of different materials, both in noble veneers and high pressure laminates (HPL). We carry out large-scale projects.

Somos especialistas en el chapado de tableros de amplias dimensiones, ya sea en laminados de alta presión, como en chapas nobles. Seleccionamos y confeccionamos la chapa, según especificaciones técnicas del cliente.

Quality and Sustainability

Quality and Reliability

Global quality at the corporate level. Proof of this is our compliance with the ISO 9001 standard, which guarantees the overall quality of our work. Our tools are: innovation, knowledge and experience. 


Among our accreditations, we have the Forest Stewardship Council certificate.®(FSC®)In this way, we guarantee responsible forestry management in our products and processes.


The more than 13,000 m2 of surface area dedicated to the manufacture of bent boards and flat panel machining, with a number of 4- and 5-axis numerical controls and membrane presses, offer a wide range of possibilities.


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